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Torvald takes it as a simple acknowledgement of her fraud while in the real sense she refers to the mistake of staying with Helmer for eight years and being treated like a doll. Her fortune is restored when she decides to walk away and makes a statement that the most sacred duties to her are those of herself after Torvald tells her that she is abandoning her most sacred duties by leaving her children.

A Doll's House

It is a bold step for her to take and discover her potential that have for long been so limited. This means that suspense is slowly built up as characters are being introduced in the play which happens in the exposition. With the entrance of Mrs. Linde, and through their use of flashback, we are able to learn about what had really happened in the past and the loan that Nora had borrowed from Krogstad. Ibsen creatively uses these characters to reveal most crucial information that happened earlier.

For instance we are able to know that Nora is a spendthrift and Kristine and Krogstad had a past. Information about Krogstad dismissal from work is also provided in the exposition.

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Because of his proposed sacking, he comes to Nora to asking for settlement of the money she owes him. He has disregarded the agreement they had had concerning the payment. At this point tension is high. When Nora realizes that her husband is on her way, she asks Krogstad to use the back door only to be asked by Helmer whether Krogstad was there. Her negative answer builds the tension and suspense since Torvald saw him.

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As readers we are not aware of what will happen when the contents of the letter are revealed to Torvald and this keeps us glued to the play to the very end. Nora tries effortless to sweet talk her husband to avoid that but to no avail. Nora feels overjoyed because of the job promotion of her husband. She sees it as a new dawn to the family and they can now spend and live more comfortably than they do now.

Nora says that she will not allow Helmer to take the blame upon himself. She is determined to go away and perhaps commit suicide in order to show the world that she is a criminal or forger. But the wonderful thing does not happen.

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Indeed, it is the reverse that happens. It turns out that Helmer is not willing to defend her but instead calls her a hypocrite, a liar, and a criminal, casts all the blame on her and makes no attempt to protect her. Krogstad sends a promissory note withdrawing all his demands and blackmails. Helmer is totally excited saying that he is willing to forget what Nora has done and forgives her but Nora is thinking otherwise.

This turns to be her greatest point of rediscovering herself and reassessing her personality.

She objects the idea of being treated like a doll and decided to move out of the family she has lived for the past eight years. Nora tells Torvald that the most sacred duties to her are no longer of her family but those to herself. Realizing that she has greater potential than just being a housewife turns out to be her greatest strength hence her optimal turning point.

There is central misunderstanding which is obvious to the audience but withheld from some characters. The central misunderstanding in this play is in between Torvald and Nora. Torvald thinks Nora is extravagant yet Nora asks a lot of money saving some to pay back the loan. Krogstad and Nora also have a misunderstanding because Krogstad is going against what they had agreed upon and start blackmailing her but this is withheld from Helmer. In this extensive exposition, the ground is prepared by introducing the most vital elements in the play such as characters and secrets to be revealed later as the play progresses.

This exposition reveals the secrets and fears of characters. At the exposition is where we learn that Nora is hiding a secret from her husband. Linde, Krogstad, Helmer, Nora and other characters such as Dr. Rank are introduced and their relations with each other established. It also comes as a way of blackmail from Krogstad who is not willing to lose his job.

The presence of this letter creates a lot of tension that builds in the play. Torvald gets the shock of knowing that his wife used unlawful means to acquire a loan that she used to take him to hospital. The promissory note that Krogstad sent after the revelation of the secret in the letter he sent earlier comes as a surprise to Helmer who gets excited that Krogstad is willing to withdraw all the blackmails and demands he had made.

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The climax is always the turning point of the play. It is where there is the most intense action in the play.

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It is also the point when the play begins to resolve itself. It is the final most exciting event in a series of events. Nora can no longer live in the illusions of a happy marriage. Well-made plays usually describe a long story. The story begins at Medias res i.

A story of what happened in the past is described through the use of flashback. The story begins with the entrance of Mrs. Linde and Krogstad. Through that long story, the relationships of the past come to light. Einstein S Dreams Reality Or Just Dreams essay Time is an entity that almost everyone takes for granted, it has always been there and probably always will be. Friends and family will always come and go, and your life will go on.

There are about sixty seconds in a minute, sixty minutes in and hour and twenty-four hours a day, it s as simple as. Free Essays Must Be Free! A Dolls House 2 Term paper While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements.

A Doll House I feel that this play was a great interpretation of what is was like to be a wealthy business man. The play shows that even the wealthy have problems and are not living the perfect lives that people think they are. There are many complex relationships in this play between the character of Nora. First there is her relationship with Krogstad.

Krogstad loaned Nora a sum of money, so she would be able to save her sick husbands life. However no woman could sign a legal contract at the time so Nora s father had to sign the contract in order for her to get the money. Nora knew that her father was dying so she forged his signature. Next there is her relationship with her husband Torvald. Nora told Torvald that she got the money from her father.

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So right away we find out that Nora has lied to two people, one of whom is her own husband. She lies to Torvald about the loan because he would be afraid that the rest of the town would find out and that would kill his dignity. Torvald feels that there is no man who gives up honor for love.