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In this post, you will see examples of charity campaigns, experiential marketing actions and more! Launching a new logo is always a risky business for any brand. AirBnb produced a video for this occasion explaining the reason of this new branding approach.

But, what about those millions of users who already knew about the brand and were very active with their services? Brian Chesky, corporate CEO, sent them an invitation to an exclusive webinar where he himself explained the reason underlying this major change.

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However, despite all the judgment, the brand knew how to deal the criticism by creating this sarcastic infographic of the results. While governments around the world were unsuccessfully trying to make up their minds about the best approach, sitting around and debating and discussing the best ways to combat Ebola…Google stepped up to the plate.

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They set up a specific URL onetoday. CSR campaigns are always a great initiative that aim to better society, but if they are launched at the perfect moment and in the best circumstances — as was the case for Google — they will become a huge boost to your brand reputation and image.

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This is a campaign that only a brand like Coca-Cola would ever think about doing… It was globally applauded and everyone was talking about it. There was a real feeling of excitement amongst soft drink consumers mainly Coke folks about getting a bottle with their name on it.

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Or the name of a loved one! This summer, Coke is swapping out three of its iconic logos on oz. With this viral initiative, Coca-Cola shared a personalized brand experience with their consumers in one of the greatest global communication campaigns ever to be launched, reaching people from all parts of the globe. They got PR hits worldwide, millions of mentions and pictures shared on social media. Hey, did you get your own bottle too? I most certainly did, and I still have it on top of my fireplace!

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Due to its controversial message at a controversial point in time in the United States, this communication campaign ended up generating 1. The results of the campaign were far greater than imagined: achieving a better reputation for the company as a progressive, forward-thinking brand. If you are using your iPhone just for calls, text messages now and again and to check the weather forecast, you may not be experiencing what an iPhone really is… This is what Apple tried to communicate through a series of TV and Internet advertisements throughout in promoting the launch of the 5s product.

Crazy funny! Because this is one of the most successful campaigns of the year and for sure one of the most profitable. It was extremely viral. Several celebrities including Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, where this campaign was most popular , bloggers, and a lot of social network users spontaneously participated in this action to raise awareness. Here you can see a Youtube playlist of the most viewed Ice Bucket challenges. Litigation PR campaign helps solicitor deliver victory for financial misselling victims.

PR campaign makes, management consultants Novasecta pharma journalists' "go to" expert.

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PR campaign for payments intelligence specialists lobbying on behalf of the biggest UK retailers. Kelso campaign helps leading accounting firm's drive to gain forensic work from the Big Four. International PR campaign for research agency. Kelso Consulting has offices in London and the Thames Valley. We achieve results for our clients by delivering ambitious, high-impact campaigns that include public relations, inbound marketing, social media and thought leadership techniques. If your business does not stand out against its competitors, has too few decent leads or has a great story that no one knows..

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