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This applies to e-mail, too. Use the cloud: Speaking of archiving, remember that the cloud is your friend. Sure, it can add a few seconds of extra time when you need to download a document or a picture, but if storage is a problem for you, this is your best option.

Find a cloud service that works for you. Some are free. On Android devices, Google Photos also lets you delete device copies of photos while keeping them in the cloud. T hey take space unnecessarily. What is an app doing on your phone if you have not used it for twelve months? Trying all or some of the tip will help you reclaim enormous space and your mobile phone will run faster. He supervised 10 PhD and Masters students to completion.

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  6. The research focus of HART is the identification of early markers for the development of hypertension, and ultimately the prevention of cardiovascular disease in the black South African population. Since obtaining her PhD in , Schutte has been a Principle Investigator of two large multidisciplinary research projects, and a Co-investigator of another. She was an invited speaker at numerous occasions at international meetings Australia, Denmark, Germany and Italy.

    She has also shared her research at the national science festival, SciFest Africa in Grahamstown. Her research outputs include 75 peer-reviewed papers mostly in international journals, 15 BSc Honours, 11 Masters and 4 PhD students.

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    The main focus of her current research is the physiological capacity of large terrestrial mammals to cope with predicted effects of climate change. She has published more than 50 papers in leading journals of integrative physiology and has supervised 3 postdoctoral fellows and 23 postgraduate students.

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    His research examines the ecological and evolutionary physiology of birds and mammals, and seeks to better understand the ways in which physiology determines ecological and evolutionary processes. A current focus area of his research group is the use of physiological data and modeling to predict the consequences of climate change for species inhabiting hot, arid environments. His research output includes 40 peer-reviewed publications, 61 conference presentations and 45 articles in semi-popular magazines.

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    He holds a P-rating from the National Research Foundation. His research focus is on applied ecological and evolutionary genetics of insects and micro-organisms that affect tree health, including biological control systems. He has published widely on these topics and has been recognised through a number of national and international awards. This unit is a leading research unit for addictions in Africa.

    She has 10 years of clinical and community research experience and has been a Co-principal Investigator on several NIH and CDC-funded pilot and large-scale randomised controlled trials of behavioural HIV and substance abuse interventions for vulnerable people who use alcohol and other drugs.


    Her expertise in substance abuse treatment and HIV has been acknowledged via invitations to serve on international reference groups on HIV and drug use and as a technical advisor to the World Health Organisation on several occasions. She has written and published prolifically on the subject, including several book chapters, technical reports and numerous peer-reviewed journal articles.

    She specialises in public health with a particular emphasis on environmental health research. Her experience includes personal dosimetry of solar ultraviolet radiation exposure and health promotion.

    muchenje vorster phd thesis

    Recent research focuses on personal exposure to air pollution and public health indicators for air-related health in air quality management planning in South Africa. She is a qualified and practicing clinical psychologist, with clinical, genetics and brain imaging research on anxiety disorders, particularly obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders a priority.

    She acts as a reviewer for a number of peer-reviewed scientific journals, including Depression and Anxiety, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology and the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice. His research and clinical interests span the field of early identification and diagnosis of hearing loss, objective measures of auditory functioning, HIV-related auditory dysfunction and telehealth.

    He is an Associate Editor for the International Journal of Audiology and reviews for a number of other journals. He has interests in emerging areas of software and technology applications, including biometrics, data mining, modeling of complex systems, machine learning and mechanism design, and he has published over 60 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and book chapters. Her research interests are the response of materials and structures to dynamic loading.

    One of her current foci is the development of lightweight materials and structures for blast protection.

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    She has co-authored more than 40 international, peer-reviewed journal articles, is a reviewer for several international journals and is a Chartered Engineer the UK equivalent of PrEng. He returned to South Africa in to take up a position at UCT where his research interests are primarily in the area of string theory and quantum gravity where he is trying to understand how space and time might be emergent properties of collective quantum interactions.

    He occasionally experiments with neurophysics and mathematics education. His research focuses on the interface between biodiversity conservation and human activities on issues such as alien plant invasions, climate change, effective conservation planning and implementation, and ecosystem services.

    He is an internationally recognised expert in conservation planning and has worked in several academic and government institutions. His numerous collaborations have resulted in 50 peer-reviewed publications in journals such as Nature, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Trends in Evolution and Ecology, and Conservation Biology.