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Thomas Aquinas, and J. He and his wife Annie have four daughters. View the discussion thread. To know God and to make Him known. Leave a Comment. He was the son of a lumber dealer who had left school to take over the family business when his father died of syphilis. The other two doctorates, the two books, were invented. His relationship with the psychoanalytic community in Vienna was restricted to the relationships his first wife, Gina, had cultivated, as she worked at a school run by Anna Freud.

And even his article about his experiences in the camps was falsified. Bettelheim not only claimed to have interviewed a mathematically impossible number of his fellow prisoners, he argued that they regressed to childlike behavior. Bettelheim picked his accomplices carefully. His victims were likewise isolated. Visitors were prohibited and parents were discouraged from calling or writing; visits home were kept to a minimum. Students were under constant surveillance— their mail was read and their personal belongings were regularly searched.

Every comment, gesture, and minor action was dissected. Yet they were taunted and constantly told they were crazy. He was peddling a seductive message—that developmental delays could be cured, that trauma could be reversed—to a public hungry to hear it.

Perhaps because of what was embedded in his theory and practice: contempt for the weak and the vulnerable—for children and for minorities and women. Like most postwar mental-health professionals, Bettelheim was completely blind to the ways that patriarchy may have warped family dynamics, or the ways that wartime losses and the PTSD of survivors might resonate in individual families, but he was ever vigilant to point out the most minor flaws of mothers, who might fleetingly resent a screaming infant, or wish to work outside the home. Bettelheim discounted nature entirely and blamed everything on nurture.

After the abuse revelations and the fabricated CV came the charges of plagiarism. In the Journal of American Folklore , Dr. Julius E.

A Sacramental Alternative

Oddly, Heuscher went to great lengths to defend Bettelheim, even to the point of disparaging his own scholarship. I plagiarize. And brilliant men are allowed many things.

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As more accusations and accounts rolled in, it became clear that it was no secret that Bettelheim was prone to stealing, to lying, to raging. Some seem to think so.

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Even more important, the form and structure of fairy tales suggest images to the child by which he can structure his daydreams and with them give a better direction to his life. The popular and adored movie The Lion King illustrates many of the undesirable actions humans take part in.

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There are a several scenes where the child can especially learn from. This in itself is one reason the movie is the highest grossing. Bruno Bettelheim is a talented and credit worthy scholar that used his time studying the development of children and then later wrote a book on the impact that literature leaves on a child during their growth.

Part II: A Discussion on Kaviraj's Essay 'On the Enchantment of the State'

Rowling is the author of the best-selling Harry Potter series. In literary circles, mention of Rowling or her work is likely to raise some tempers. To grow safely into maturity, a child needs to be given guidelines about how to deal with unjust hardships or obstacles they encounter on the way to adulthood. Bettelheim says that fairy tales offer solutions in ways that a child's level can understand.

Fairy tales state existential dilemma briefly and pointedly, which permits the children to see the. As Bruno Bettelheim mentions on a number of occasions in his book, The Uses of Enchantment; the child who experiences the need to gain independence but feels held back by his parent will likely read Rapunzel many times over while growing up until the time when he or she will feel well-established