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The car in Palo Alto, however, remained intact for a week.

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So, Zimbardo himself smashed a window. I just recently noticed this on a project I was working on. A classic mistake.

broken window theory

As a result, we as a team felt increasingly less motivated to work on this particular project. I felt that everything was falling apart, I wasn't happy with it but I couldn't tell what it is that bothered me so much. That made me think of the Broken Window Theory. So we took one day to fix all the broken windows.

Broken Window

Focus on the small details, clean up some code, fix all the seemingly small and unimportant details. After that day I started to appreciate the project again.

It's almost like it transformed, even though we didn't really change anything big. By fixing all the "broken windows" we were suddenly able to make good design decisions again.

Our work became more focused and it gave us a positive push of motivation. On top of it, it prevented further "broken windows". In this way, small disorders lead to larger disorders, and eventually to serious crimes.

The Problem with “Broken Windows” Policing

This analysis implies that if disorderly behaviours in public places including all forms of petty vandalism, begging, vagrancy, and so forth are controlled then a significant drop in serious crime will follow. In this way law enforcement comes to be seen as a technique for crime prevention rather than as a vehicle for reacting to crime.

Similar initiatives have also achieved notable successes in reducing crime-rates and urban decay in many other American cities.

Supporters of these strategies argue that they offer an imaginative solution to the competing demands of liberty and community in advanced societies; are a necessary corrective to the drift in public policy towards maximizing individual rights and away from enforcing communal obligations; and provide an effective means of reclaiming public spaces without sacrificing essential freedoms. October 18, Retrieved October 18, from Encyclopedia.

How Broken Windows Began