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On the roof, trucks will deliver the raw materials, which will be transformed and will arrive at the atrium where the consumers can receive the goods which have descended symbolically from the heights of the building. Added to the infrastructure of the train station, the building would retain its privileged relationship with the rail, which is one of the founding element of the modern era.

Furthermore, it would become part of the station, an extension slowing this place of passage and inviting us to wander in the market. It aims to serve as a new urban center for the city of Basel. A formal and functional density would be created in the building, a microcosmos would develop itself, the market would boost surrounding areas, and this construction would tell in its heart the story of the abundance of life within. The City as the Critical Project of Architecture Ever since architecture discovered the city as its domain, there has been a critical and fruitful debate regarding how these two relate to one another.

Horse and horseman

Chair of Architecture and Urban Design Asst. Alex Lehnerer.

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Endless Egerkingen. Azadeh Karimi. Mittlerer Letten. Tim Pham. This is what Wole Soyinka tells the reader. As every culture strives for its uniqueness every attempt to subdue, to change or to correct a culture is viewed as an aggression and as a call to fight against it…or to submit. Just like Elesin. Click here to cancel reply.

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The Headless Horseman in Popular Culture

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