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It is easy to say find another job but for some of the workers its not that easy.

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Walmart is the world largest retailer, with billion in sales, and the nations largest private employer. They have over 1 million employees and still expect their employees to work for free and no paid overtime is allowed. The employees started looking into starting a union which is said to be frowned upon in upper management at Walmart. Karen Olsson stated Walmart has responded to the union drive by trying to stop workers from organizing sometimes in violation of federal labor law p Many employees feel that a union is the only way to demand better wages and working condition the union can be the voice of the employee.

Many people who tried to establish a union within the company have had to face the wrath of Walmart.

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According to Karen Olsson The retaliation can be extreme. In Februaury , the meat cutting department at a Walmart in Jacksonville, Texas, voted to join the UFCW-the only Walmart in the nation where workers successfully organized a union. Two weeks after the vote, the company announced it was eliminating its meat departments in all of its stores nationwide. It also fired four workers who voted for the union p This is the fate that awaited any employee who dare crossed Wal-Mart and tried to even think of voting a union into the company.

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The employees constantly lived in fear of what would happen to them if they would even think that this was the way to get things. Causes and Effect.

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