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The premise is that the best predictor of future behavior is your past behavior. In a behavioral interview you will have to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities, collectively known as competencies, by giving specific examples from your past experiences.

Instead of asking how you would behave in a particular situation, the interviewer will ask you to describe how you did behave.

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Expect the interviewer to question and probe you for more details about what you thought, felt, said and did. Also, your interviewer will not allow you to theorize or generalize about several events. During a behavioral interview, always listen carefully to the question, ask for clarification if necessary, and make sure you answer the question completely.

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Whenever you can, quantify your results. Numbers illustrate your level of authority and responsibility. For example: "I was a shift supervisor. My new team leader exhibited hostility towards me and I found myself left out of vital communications and meetings.

After a few weeks, I was able to talk her into a one on one meeting. When laid out all of the key objectives for the team, the previous employees role in meeting those objectives, and then discussed goals that I could set to make sure I was able to serve as a quality replacement.

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In our discussion, we also identified a few underlying issues with management that she had been carrying around with her. In uncovering all of these sentiments, she was able to clearly define her situation and achieve an understanding with her supervisors. In the end, the entire team morale improved, I was able to exceed my goals and the company itself became more profitable from our teams increased performance.

Follow-up questions will test for consistency and determine if you exhibited the desired behavior in that situation:. He used to ask one big question and made several questions to dig down my answers.


Overall impression: Rod was really friendly but professional. He asked me a lot of questions about my past experience. The 2nd round interview was in Tokyo with adcom 2 guy below Rod Garcia.

It lasted 30 mins. What are my personal not job related goals in the future?

MIT Sloan MBA Essay Questions – Analysis & Tips

Then related to my answer on 3rd question, he continued to ask:. The interviewer was taking notes of my comments, but the overall atmosphere was mild with some smiles from him. This means you will want to tell your reader what you thought, felt, said, and did. Think about incorporating details that address questions such as:. Feature the cases where you can really dive into the action of the story because those are the experiences that the Sloan Admissions Committee will focus on to decide if you have the smarts and strengths to deserve one of those precious spots at MIT Sloan.

MIT Sloan Essay Questions and Deadlines

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Ready to Get Started? Let's Talk! Close Top Banner. Think about incorporating details that address questions such as: What was the situation and what role did I play? Who did I work with and how did I interact with those individuals or groups? What challenges did I encounter and how did I deal with them?