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Make it flexible. Mind your own preferences. Ensure originality. A comparative analysis of copyright laws in different countries. The main peculiarities of using the copyright laws for online businesses.

How do copyright laws influence the course of the economy? Intellectual property protection of software development. The main pros and cons of the current copyright application system. The tools and methods of protecting intellectual property online. The acute difficulties of using the existing patent systems for the latest developments and technologies. The ways of preventing plagiarism in the field of arts. Make sure that you point out how your research can add to or complement this in your proposal.

Next you need to give a framework for your research. This will include your research question s and details of the approaches that you will take as well as the rationale for the research. Then, after this has been done, you will need to position your research by discussing the sources you will be using.

Also, it is necessary to show that you understand the complexity of the research issues and specify areas where there are currently gaps.

Of course, you will then have to attempt to fill these. Your Methodology and research design should be specified in the next section, which again should be about words. Of course, when you come to write your dissertation your methodology section will be much longer. In this section you need to define the parameters of your research and your specific topic. You will also need to discuss your overall approach, for example is it purely theoretical, or will it include your own research?

Then you will have to give your rationale for deciding on your approach es. In this section you will also have to give your specific aims and objectives and say how long it will take for you to complete our research study. If you do your own research, you will need to include a results section and explain the significance of your findings.

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This can be a lengthy section and you should not hurry it. The reference section of all law dissertation topics should show that you have done your research well and judiciously. This section should demonstrate that you have critically evaluated texts and selected them carefully. Think about how you will write your dissertation. You need to plan headings for sections and sub-sections, bearing in mind that these can be changed as necessary when you begin writing. You will also need to collect the references you intend using and if necessary gather the articles you need to refer to.

These may be paper photocopies, or digital copies of articles. Keep them organised in a file under appropriate section headings. This takes time and is best done as you go along with your research. You will see the value of working in this way when you eventually start to write your dissertation topic. After the abstract, possibly the most important section is the introduction.

You will probably have to write and rewrite many drafts of this before it is perfect.

Main Tips on Choosing an Effective Dissertation Topic

You need to make a good impression on the reader from the beginning of the dissertation. If the introduction does not captivate the reader, he, or she, may well not bother reading further. A badly-crafted introduction will alienate your tutor and external examiners if it is allowed to remain as it is.

In the introduction you could point up relevant laws that pertain to the main arguments you will use in the dissertation. These set the scene for your research. Take as much time as you need to phrase the research question s in the best possible way. Ask for help if you need it. Your tutor will give you as much help as you need to craft questions appropriately.

Make sure before you start writing up your dissertation that you are happy with your topic. You will lose valuable time if you decide, halfway though writing it that you should have been writing a different topic or taking a different angle on it. At all stages, consult your tutor and get clarification on any point if you need it.

It is most frustrating to be told that the dissertation needs to be completely revised because of a misunderstanding of one or more texts. Make sure that your proofreading and editing are done meticulously as you complete each section of your dissertation or proposal. Ask fellow law students and your tutors for help with these processes. Sometimes, when you have written a piece of prose, it is very difficult to spot your errors.

No one is infallible. Go back through the dissertation checking the references thoroughly. You also need to check all the quotes you have used.

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Make sure the punctuation is the same as in the original text. People often forget to check these. If you believe that you need help with a proposal, dissertation, or simply ideas for law dissertation topics, contact us. We offer a confidential, professional service and have assisted many students to get better grades and marks than they might have got if they had worked independently.

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