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New employees, full-time or non-employee contractors, present a number of risks in regards to information security.

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These risks can be mitigated with well-designed and thorough interview and onboarding processes. The importance of information security as part of the hiring process is so important;.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Fresher (Software Developer)

The new business department was formed to build potential growth within the organization. The importance of this implementation is to hire a qualified and talented workforce, with a unique skill set to perform that job description associated with this department. To determine that hiring the appropriate workforce, the creation of a new hiring process will need to be implemented along with an onboarding system. Current troubles with the company include incorporating technology into their hiring process as a way of revamping the current initiative.

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  • The current department will be unable to support the incoming wave of applicants, many people working within the company support the new hiring initiative. During this case study, a consult will be conducted within Chesapeake IT, and an in-depth solution for the CIO will be provided as to the.

    Administrative: focusing on clerical administrative and recordkeeping including essential legal paperwork and policies implementations. Organizational and employee advocate, focuses staffing, employee compensation and benefits.

    Interview Question: "Why Should We Hire You?"

    Last by not least is the strategic, which helps define the strategy of maintaining the human capital and their contribution to the. When hiring a new worker, the employer not only collects valuable benefits brought by employees but also bears liabilities for the wrongful acts of his employees under certain conditions. I will always take care of my team needs and will never cross the company limit. E final year computer science student. Computer science was always my favorite subject. Got a tip or Question?

    Why should we hire you #Jobs INTERVIEW : #Interview questions and answers

    Let us know. About us Contact us. You are here: Home. Interview Questions. Human Resource HR Interview questions. Why Should We Hire You? Good logical and problem resolving skills. It will be my honor to work with you and this organization. The primary goal of any organization while hiring employees is their loyalty and hardworking nature. I am loyal and hardworking since my childhood — in my school and colleges, I was one among the dedicated set of students who had been completing the task or assignment on time.

    For these excellent qualities, I got appreciation many time during those periods. Net courses.

    Why Should We Hire You? - [3 Perfect Example Answers]

    Answer : Well, I don't have any professional work experience, but I have done the. Finding the right employee can be one of the most crucial and difficult decisions a business can face. Businesses must be prepared for this process and understand the steps involved in hiring a new employee. When an employer makes the decision to hire a new employee, they must first decide what advantages this employee will offer the company.

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    The employee may be considered a producer, who would benefit the company by producing, creating, selling or supporting …show more content…. In addition, the company must pay taxes, administration and accounting fees for this person. The decision maker should take into consideration the hiring costs associated with the employee, including recruiting, advertising, interviewing and selecting a new employee. Training costs can also be substantial, consisting of the direct and opportunity costs of other employees who would be involved in training. Equipment such as computers, desks, safety equipment and other technology would also be taken into account.

    After calculating, reviewing and analyzing the costs and benefits of an employee, several things must still be considered before developing a conclusion. A human resources or management decision maker should compare and analyze the effect this employee would have on your cash flow.


    Realistic income projections can be compared to the initial and long-term costs of the employee. The fact that the employee may not be fully productive until several months of work must be calculated into the projections.

    For example, the person may take time to adjust to the position and handle a full workload, or you may not initially have enough work for the person to.