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There were only , U. By early , the U. The offensive was conducted in the belief that it could possibly influence the U. Moreover, with the constant U. And they might be right. The major weakness in defence of the ARVN was once again brought to the surface. In fact, without massive U.

Through the Vietnamization program, Nixon had done what he had promised American people, the U. However, it was the only goal Vietnamization could achieve. The other goal which was to mould the ARVN into a viable fighting force turned out to be a failure. Even though South Vietnamese army was equipped with the latest U. In fact, with only four short years, the U. Last but not least, the Congress decision to cut off funding to South Vietnam after the resignation of Nixon in eventually brought Vietnamization to its ultimate fate. Wells, W. Nixon, Richard M. Anderson, D.

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Bruce, Palmer J. Palmer, D. How effective was the Vietnamization? How did the Vietnam War end? Show us some Love If you've found our articles helpful, please like , comment, share and make a small donation to support our work. Gulf of Tonkin incident. Viet Cong establishment.

Operation Rolling Thunder. Tet Offensive. Paris Peace Accord. Fall of Saigon. Dwight D. The Vietnam War had days of combat in one year. That statistic shows how rough the Vietnam War was. The fighting was constant between the two sides. This war was fought over politics and had many gruesome battles. Before the Vietnam war, Vietnam was in a revolution because they did not want to be ruled by France. Vietnam wanted to be independent right after World War. The Vietnam War began November 1st, and ended April 30th, This war was very unpopular at home and would end with the withdrawal of the United States and the unification of Vietnam under communist control.

Many think of war as something that just men are involved in but very rarely do people think of the role of women in the war. Vietnam Nina Scarpino The conquest of Vietnam began in and ended in From that point forward under the Geneva Accords, they were divided into the communist north, and the anti-communist south. The war was split up between two sides, North Vietnam, who were allied with the Soviet Union, China, and most of the communist countries during this time period, and South Vietnam, who were allied with the United States and many countries that were against the belief of Communism.

Although the United States did not necessarily have to get involved in the war, they believed that they had too so. At the conference, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam received their independence from France. The Vietnam War was probably one the most infamous war in the history of the United States.

It all started as an effort by America to keep South Vietnam away from Communism. Americans feared that if South Vietnam adapted. Arturo Veloz Per. Ben Clark Oct. America 's involvement in Vietnam was to hypothetically stop the spread of communism in southeast asia.

The united states played a major role in Vietnam aiding the south. In President Kennedy sent a team to report on condition in Vietnam to dictate if the united states would provide future aid. Has had in modern times a rough couple hundred years. Before reunification was achieved, many steps had to be followed by both halves in order to become whole once more. The political hierarchy starts with the Party Congress that has 1, members from all over Vietnam that in turn elects the full and 25 alternate members of the Central Committee.

In turn, the Central Committee vets and chooses members. The Vietnam War started on the first day of November in The Americans wanted to contain communism in fear of it spreading to other countries while the North Vietnamese wanted to unite both parts of Vietnam. At first, the Americans only trained South Vietnamese troops to do all of the fighting while the North Vietnamese employed the Vietcong to help their military take over South Vietnam. Vietnam Introduction.

Vietnam is a unique civilization with highly cultured people. It is a country filled with natural beauty, tranquil rural settings, and bustling urban centers.

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In this period of renovation, Vietnam is emerging as an economic powerhouse in South East Asia. From the bustling commercial center of Ho Chi Minh City to the gracious capital of Ha Noi, local business is flourishing and international companies are lining up to invest in new projects. The nation, strangled by. What took place in the Vietnam War when the United States was defeated by the North Vietnamese forces was a devastation to say the least. North Vietnam was in action for the cause of rolling out communism into South Vietnam. The United States was supporting the opposition of stopping the spread of communism to South Vietnam and the world while also encouraging.

The Vietnamese people had been under French rule for several decades until Japan invaded in In , when Ho Chi Minh came back from his travels there were two foreign powers occupying the Vietnam territory, the French and Japanese. The colonialism of Vietnam by the French lasted for approximately six decades. As such, Indochina was able to assume the status of being the lucrative colonial possessions of the French.

It became the French empire, which spanned the western and northern Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific empires. The French formulated the civilizing mission as. With an estimated The country. It has been nearly five decades since the first President Ngo Dinh Diem, the founder of the Republic of Vietnam was assassinated in a military coup.

Vietnamese history on its media in general and its education in particular are still unclear about the data, events related to this president who had the logical policy line, great political ideology of the South Vietnam and his people at that time. The Vietnam War was first derived from the gradual oppression of the communist party of the north over the region of South Vietnam. The communist party group, as known as the Viet Cong, was recognized for their guerilla war strategies within the region of South Vietnam, intended to fully expand and unify Vietnam under Communist rule.

Vietnam is one of the beautiful countries in Southeast Asia with an anciently culture. Also, Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate in the south with only two seasons: rain season from mid May to mid September, and the dry season from mid October to mid April, and monsoon climate in the north with four seasons :spring, summer, autumn and winter.

What was the Vietnam War?

And Vietnam has a lot of famous places to visit. Vietnam is a country with a curved shape. In recognition that there were many other factors that may have contributed to the U. Prior to the start of our study of the Vietnam Era, I thought that I knew quite a bit about the Vietnam War and the overall time period. But after listening to some guest speakers and reading Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried, I discovered that I knew hardly anything, and that most of what I did know was pretty much insignificant. These past weeks were not only extremely educating, but it was also very interesting.

I learned more than I ever thought I would, mostly through the people that. The Vietnam War began on November 1st, Vietnam decided to have this war because since a very long time ago, Vietnam wished to have a government that was independent, since it has been for a long period of time, colonized first by China, then France and Japan. The United States started this war as a result of the Cold War.

This war is caused by the belief that communism was going to expand through south-east Asia, which is not of great content for the United States, since they hold a capitalist. As a citizen of Vietnam, I know that some past events shaped our country. Vietnam has a long history with China and France. It is found that there are four countries play very important parts in our history.

In this essay, the impact on the past events, which shaped the today Vietnam and interactions between Vietnam and the countries mentioned above will be discussed. The relationship between my country, Vietnam and China changed. After thinking about all the things we would learn this year in American history I decided to do my project on the experiences of Vietnam War veterans.

There is a lot of controversy as to whether or not the Vietnam War veterans are given enough recognition for what they went through. I have heard horrible stories of US soldiers dying from US bombs, shell shock, and soldiers returning to America and not being able to function as active members of society due to the horrors of the war.

The image of the couple in casual clothes riding a black Yamaha Nouvo scooter in downtown HCMC was widely seen in newspapers and magazines. Scooter riders seen in downtown HCMC. Vietnamese consumers have an increasing preference for scooters. This actually gave free publicity to Yamaha. Sales of the Yamha Nouvo scooter have rocketed in Vietnam as this scooter has become a fashion for not only women but.

The Vietnamese under the rule of the Nguyen Dynasty began to burn down the missionaries and murder anyone who was associated with them. This was the first of many assaults the French would perform all over Vietnam, the next being. Why did the US fail in Vietnam? From fighting off the French colonials in the s, until the fall of Saigon in war dominated Vietnam in the last century. America's involvement began when France tried to reestablish control during the French Indochina War. Buddhism in Vietnam The Vietnamese people have said to have first appeared in the Christian era, because the religion that was first adapted was Christianity.

This would explain why the Vietnamese people are such religious people. But it does not really explain there major religion change to Buddhism, because Buddhism is really not a religion that is native to Vietnam. Buddhism my be one of the most known religions in the world by name, but not by what is actually involved in it. Vietnam exports mainly rice, crude oil, textiles, garment products, rubber, rice, coffee, beans, seafood, electronics and computers.

Vietnamese exports was affected greatly because: i Vietnam has been one of the countries that have relatively large trade openness and ii Before the crisis, Vietnam was ranked the 50th and 41st among the top 50 countries with highest exports and imports relatively, accounting for. However, there are still some significant differences when comparing between developed country and developing country, such as Vietnam and the United States.

While the United States has been developed in many fields economy, religions, educational system..

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They are located on two different continents; they have so much difference on religious, languages, and practices although those distinctions are seemed. This civil war was between the Communist North and the Democratic South because of the fear of communism spreading to the South. Other Western countries also helped in this war because they too were afraid of communism spreading, and so they sent money and troops to aid South Vietnam.

Some of these countries included America, Australia, and New Zealand. This war was one of the most divisive events in history and I am going to talk about why this is so. For most of Vietnam? To this point in the Cold War, containment dominated U. In , The North Vietnamese attacked the U. Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Bill Lord, Vietnam Veteran (Full Interview)

Soon after the attack, the U. President Johnson immediately sent thousands of.