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We seem to talk with them and they also seem to instruct us through the medium of their books. By reading the great poetry of the past I seem to be carried away to a kingdom of joy and forgetfulness, a kingdom where there is no care, no worry, no anxiety. I come to be acquainted with the masterminds of the world like Ghalib, Iqbal, Shelly, Keats, Shakespeare, Milton and Shaw and many others through the medium of their literary productions and feel inspired by their beauty, grace and idealism. Reading books is also one way of passing spare time.

When I have time and no work to do, I take a book from the shelf and pass my time pleasantly.

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Reading also relieves me of my mental suffering. When I am struck down with sorrow, I with a book in my hand, forget all my troubles in the comfort of my bedroom or under the shade of a tree. Reading not only gives me experience of noble minds. Through it I come to have a keener insight into life and its problems and a lasting interest in my and surroundings.

Life does not have a dull and monotonous aspect any longer but in every page I come across fresh wonders and mysteries waiting for me.

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In the world of today, we find countless writers writing very large numbers of books - good, bad and indifferent. Before the invention of the printing press it was difficult for us to choose what books to read and what to reject. The selection of proper books has now become a matter of great interest, as well as necessity to the reader. No one can question the truth of this saying. But we cannot derive full advantage from reading. If our choice is not good. Some books are such that instead of doing any good; they do positive harm to the readers.

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Such books must be avoided. Cheap books, not in cost but in contents should not be read, even if they provide some amusement and entertainment. It is the reading of good books alone which bestows upon us the maximum benefit. Tags: English Short Essays. This is an non-official educational website for english essays, letters, stories and applications.

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Powered by Blogger. I manure the soil routinely. I clear the weeds promptly. I mow the grass every Sunday. I protect the plants from adverse weather, hostile pests and harmful diseases.

Thus I play the role of a mother for my garden. The beauty of my garden is a great attraction for everything.

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Birds, bees and butterflies keep on visiting my garden. The cool and fresh air keeps on blowing here. My friends and relatives often visit my garden to enjoy the company of Nature.


Even in the evening, fireflies visit and emit their lights to show their happiness in my garden. Gardening imparts a good effect on each part of my body. When a bud grows into a flower, it fills my heart with pleasure. The greenery of plants and the colours of flowers are a feast for my eyes.

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The hues and fragrance of flowers are a tonic for my mind. The cool and fresh air is a blessing for my lungs. Watering, tilling, trimming, sowing and mowing are an exercise for my limbs. My hobby takes me away from the world of cares, worries, tensions, anxieties, frustrations, pollution and noise. I never feel lonely, sad or bored in the company of plants. My hobby inspires my imagination and gives me noble thoughts.

click It reveals to me the glory of Allah Almighty. In short, my hobby keeps me physically fit, mentally fresh and psychologically balanced. The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies. Notes Prepared By: Prof.